(1) About

The Center was set on in 2010,we conbine the science, engineering, agriculture and biomedical fields in National Sun Yat-sen University.We also have many Attending from different hospital in Kaohsiung .We have four group:Translational Medicine Groups,Signal Transduction And Novel Drugs Discovery,Clinical Instrument And Medical Engineering Groups,Rapid Diagnostic And Microfluid Biosensors Research Groups. Our center introduces the experts from Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital and combines with the science, engineering, marine in National Sun Yat-sen University for integration of interdisciplinary biomedical and industrial researches. Furthermore, this can complement our restriction without medical school and play a role in the health benefits.

(2) Research Subjects

Translational Medicine Group
(1)Basic to the preclinical translational research model, cancerous tumor suppressor and translational research
(2)Establish an animal model of human disease research platform
(3)Endothelial precursor stem cell differentiation in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
(4)MS in medical application of translation

Signal Transduction and Novel Drugs Discovery Group
(1)Metabolic analyzer
(2)Marine anti-cancer drug and gene translational research
(4)Cancer gene therapy

Clinical Instrument and Medical Engineering Group
(1)Medical diagnostic application of MRI images and the tomography image enhancement and analysis
(2)Cardiovascular system as much as parameter detection and analysis
(3)The microfluidic biochip research, theory and application of genetic algorithms

Rapid Diagnostic and Microfluid Biosensors Research Group
(1)FPW element Exploitation Reflecting Xia gate structure design
(2)CEA / AFP biofilm development
(3)N-HEMT biomedical sensor detection operations
(4)Atomic force microscopy and mass spectrometry of early pancreatic cancer marker

(3) Organization Map

orgnization map